Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Year at a glance

Whoa, just where did the last year go. After Lance graduated and we left Pocatello someone hit the fast-forward button and we haven't been able to catch up. With new degree in hand, we all packed up and headed to Yellowstone for a extended family vacation. Well almost, Joseph and I got to leisurely tour the park, hiking everywhere four-year-old legs can go. Which got to be pretty far, if only that energy could be more evenly distributed though-out our life. Unfortunately Lance had to work most of the time which is why we were there. He was hauling gravel in for road work later that summer. But after a long day who can help needing a little break from hiking.
Not really He was just bored and thought it would be funny to pretend to sleep for awhile. After a long day of touring all he wanted to do was go for a little walk or really a race around the camp.It was a great trip, and we did get to all go out a few times together. We got to see the elk calves, mt. sheep babies, tons of buffalo babies, and the newest was an antelope born in the gravel pit literally minutes before we got there, it was great!

The next highlight would be moving into our very own home on Christmas Eve.We LOVE our little home! I'm going to take pictures of the outside when the porch is done. The past year was great!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some highlights from this semester:
John Deere Days- Joseph won a cookbood and hat. We all had tons of fun.
Joseph made the bed for Uncle Justin to stay with us one night and he even put candy on the pillow.
Colton and Lulu come to play on Wed. mornings and Lulu came with a goose egg on her head so Joseph put a bandaid on for her. It was so cute!
A huge double yolk egg from our chickens in Kooskia.
Joseph was helping me cook and then we went to vaccume the van but he still had his apron on. What a helper.
Joseph's cousins came and stayed with us for a few days. Avery is on the couch Brooklyn is next to Joseph and Kinley in the pink.
This is the only time Joseph has spiked his hair. And he has started sticking his tounge out every time I take his picture. Isn't he a little young for that?
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Raff family Thanksgiving
Joseph lost the memory card from our camera. He thinks its really cool to see it pop out when you push it. Anyway so the only pictures I have are from other people and therefore mostly of their children. Lance's parents had just got home from their mission in Arizona so everyone went to Kooskia for a reunion. The whole family was there which has never actually happened before so that was fun. We got to spend and entire week together. But come family picture time someone was so sick they couldn't be there so we'll have to try again next year. This is Joseph looking especially like his dad.
Grandma and Grandpa Raff had someone make all the grandchildren these little rock animals. All the kids loved them and I think they are so cute. Joseph got a little green and yellow turtle. This is all the grandchildren together well minus one twin that was sick.

Lance was really tired I guess. Vacation will do that to ya.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Craft Fair

I just posted a link to pictures of all my sewing items. It was easier than uploading them twice. I'm really glad the whole thing is done. My family is happy to have me as a wife and mother again. We're getting ready to head to Kooskia for Thanksgiving and then only three weeks of school. If Lance, or when Lance passes calculus we will all be relieved. Anyway check out the pictures if you're interested.

craft fair 2009 (18 photos), by Laureen Raff

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trip to Jackson

Well my camera is broken right now, but I really wanted to update this. My brother Jay and his wife Carrie had their baby on Sunday. But naturally I don't have any pictures. But his name is Spencer and he is VERY cute! We have been doing alot of home improvements but without pictures they're pretty boring. We painted the front of the garage and patched the front stairs. Everything looks way better! We talked to the Realtor on Wednesday about selling our house but we won't list it until Feb. or March. Lance just has to be sure and pass all his classes. Becky Kesler and I are working on a craft fair booth together for Nov. 14th in Rigby. I have been sewing every spare minute of the day.

We took a trip over to Jackson Hole, Wy. when we first came back to school. Joseph loved it and everything was beautiful and crowded. This is Phelps Lake I think. It was a short little hike that we could all do. Even Joseph walked most of the way.
We stopped at the visitors center or Elk Refuge place and looked at all the stuff. We had been there before but Joseph didn't remember. He gets excited about anything new so this was almost heaven.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Here are the pictures that are supposed to go with the next post. Sorry I ran out of patience.