Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some highlights from this semester:
John Deere Days- Joseph won a cookbood and hat. We all had tons of fun.
Joseph made the bed for Uncle Justin to stay with us one night and he even put candy on the pillow.
Colton and Lulu come to play on Wed. mornings and Lulu came with a goose egg on her head so Joseph put a bandaid on for her. It was so cute!
A huge double yolk egg from our chickens in Kooskia.
Joseph was helping me cook and then we went to vaccume the van but he still had his apron on. What a helper.
Joseph's cousins came and stayed with us for a few days. Avery is on the couch Brooklyn is next to Joseph and Kinley in the pink.
This is the only time Joseph has spiked his hair. And he has started sticking his tounge out every time I take his picture. Isn't he a little young for that?
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