Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trip to Jackson

Well my camera is broken right now, but I really wanted to update this. My brother Jay and his wife Carrie had their baby on Sunday. But naturally I don't have any pictures. But his name is Spencer and he is VERY cute! We have been doing alot of home improvements but without pictures they're pretty boring. We painted the front of the garage and patched the front stairs. Everything looks way better! We talked to the Realtor on Wednesday about selling our house but we won't list it until Feb. or March. Lance just has to be sure and pass all his classes. Becky Kesler and I are working on a craft fair booth together for Nov. 14th in Rigby. I have been sewing every spare minute of the day.

We took a trip over to Jackson Hole, Wy. when we first came back to school. Joseph loved it and everything was beautiful and crowded. This is Phelps Lake I think. It was a short little hike that we could all do. Even Joseph walked most of the way.
We stopped at the visitors center or Elk Refuge place and looked at all the stuff. We had been there before but Joseph didn't remember. He gets excited about anything new so this was almost heaven.