Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Year at a glance

Whoa, just where did the last year go. After Lance graduated and we left Pocatello someone hit the fast-forward button and we haven't been able to catch up. With new degree in hand, we all packed up and headed to Yellowstone for a extended family vacation. Well almost, Joseph and I got to leisurely tour the park, hiking everywhere four-year-old legs can go. Which got to be pretty far, if only that energy could be more evenly distributed though-out our life. Unfortunately Lance had to work most of the time which is why we were there. He was hauling gravel in for road work later that summer. But after a long day who can help needing a little break from hiking.
Not really He was just bored and thought it would be funny to pretend to sleep for awhile. After a long day of touring all he wanted to do was go for a little walk or really a race around the camp.It was a great trip, and we did get to all go out a few times together. We got to see the elk calves, mt. sheep babies, tons of buffalo babies, and the newest was an antelope born in the gravel pit literally minutes before we got there, it was great!

The next highlight would be moving into our very own home on Christmas Eve.We LOVE our little home! I'm going to take pictures of the outside when the porch is done. The past year was great!