Monday, August 31, 2009

Where to Start

I have no idea what to say about this summer. How about some random pictures and will go from there. This is our apartment in Kooskia. We drove around for at least an hour looking at the colors on houses and after all that choose the same color of siding as the shop. Pretty boring but it was the only color that Lance and I both like. I'm just so glad to have it done. The unfinished part is for the porch roof which will go on next summer.


This is how Joseph took his nap every day. I wish I got a little bigger picture. He sleeps between the trucks and the garage door on camping mats.


Joseph begged me forever to make a bow and arrow for him. Then one day he stopped waiting and made his own. He used a bungee cord for the string. And started working on his dad to find an arrow. He LOVES it!


We took my family to the Dwarshak Dam this summer in Orofino. The best part was when a storm started blowing in and the static electricity made the girls' hair stand straight up. It was so funny, especially the longer hair.

And then we had a picnic and the kids were seeing who could jump off the curb the farthest. Big familys rock!

For those who don't know these people they are, from the left: Mel-8 (my youngest brother) Audra-12 (my youngest sister) Corbin-18 (brother, going on a mission in Dec.) Justin-21 (brother, just got home from a mission