Thursday, January 29, 2009


Just a few highlights from Christmas. Since Joseph finally got the whole song thing to work for his Birthday, he thought it would work for Christmas. We had tons of fun in Emmett. Joseph even got to be a shepherd for the Vickery Christmas eve party. His favorite part was the cane.
All the children were 'thrilled' to be part of the nativity scene.My amazing mom made pajamas for all the the kids still living at home and the grandkids. Everyone loved them of course. Who wouldn't?Joseph will now only wear his candy pajamas. He loves them so much. I think I need to make another pair. They do have to be washed occasionally.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3rd Birthday

I'm just going to post some quick highlights of the past three months. The most important is that Joseph turned three. He thought that if he could get me to sing the birthday song that he could open his presents. He had it all planned, I am quoting him exactly I only wish I could add the emotion he put into the whole story. "Everybodys going to sing and I blow out the candles (pretend to blow) and the everybody claps, yeah, and then I open my presents." It was so much fun to listen to him explain that I could hardly wait but the day finally came and he almost forgot what to do. We had a party in Kooskia and another in Emmett a few days later. By the second one he got it all right and had tons of fun.

I think his favorite present was his boots.