Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3rd Birthday

I'm just going to post some quick highlights of the past three months. The most important is that Joseph turned three. He thought that if he could get me to sing the birthday song that he could open his presents. He had it all planned, I am quoting him exactly I only wish I could add the emotion he put into the whole story. "Everybodys going to sing and I blow out the candles (pretend to blow) and the everybody claps, yeah, and then I open my presents." It was so much fun to listen to him explain that I could hardly wait but the day finally came and he almost forgot what to do. We had a party in Kooskia and another in Emmett a few days later. By the second one he got it all right and had tons of fun.

I think his favorite present was his boots.


Jill and Travis said...

He is so funny! I can see why he loves his new boots. They are awesome!
Hope all is well for you!

Gordon, Chelsi and Tydon said...

3!! That is so exciting. He sounds so grown up.

MaryAnn said...

He's adorable Laureen! I'm so glad I found your blog so I can keep up with you guys better. I love how excited kids get for birthdays - my little girl started talking about her 4th birthday in November (too bad her birthday is in July). It was a long 7 months! Looks like things are going well!

Law Family said...

Those are some stylin' boots! Happy birthday! What a cute boy you are!