Monday, September 29, 2008

Walking through an old cedar groveThis is how Lance took most of his meals. On the go. Sometimes Joseph and I would ride with him on the two hour round trip, but we had to share a seat and it was pretty bumpy.
The last day we hiked into a hot spring. It just comes out of the side of a hill and people have made pools that mix with river water to cool it down. We had to be careful because it was a clothing optional area. But there are lots of different pools so we had our own private resort.
Walking out

Summer job

This is the pit where Lance loaded up his truck.
Joseph thinks life is great! I would clean his face and hands a couple times a day and then try to wash him before bed. But we had to haul all our water in or use the freezing creek water. BRRR!
This is why Joseph was always dirty. He loved to 'swim' down the piles of gravel. It was like one big sandbox.
Okay, so we all ended up pretty dirty. But I sure love my little family!

Vickery Family Reunion

Joseph and Abbie. They loved to just play together.
Splashing Aunt Tauna

Shooting off a rocket.

Summer pics

Joseph tried to get himself off the trampoline.

We love watermelon!

Our Camp at Lolo Pass we stayed here for four weeks while Lance hauled gravel.

Joseph's cousin Katie

Friday, September 12, 2008

In Pocatello

Now that we have been in Pocatello for almost a month I'm finally getting this caught up. We had a good summer. Lance worked almost every day. Its so nice to be back on a normal schedual. Joseph is now potty trained. We tried this summer but he really did not want anything to do with it. But he has been doing great since we got here. I still haven't got our camera hooked up to the computer yet, so no pictures today, but one thing at a time.