Friday, September 12, 2008

In Pocatello

Now that we have been in Pocatello for almost a month I'm finally getting this caught up. We had a good summer. Lance worked almost every day. Its so nice to be back on a normal schedual. Joseph is now potty trained. We tried this summer but he really did not want anything to do with it. But he has been doing great since we got here. I still haven't got our camera hooked up to the computer yet, so no pictures today, but one thing at a time.


Sarah said...

It's nice when life gets back to normal. we finally got life back to normal. We have been in our own apartment for just 2 weeks now, and it's SO nice. We still have a few piles of boxes, but those are slowly but surely disappearing. I wish we were still close enough to hang out and help each other keep our sanity.

4boystokiss said...

Ok so here I am, cute blog!
I actually don't even have a camera at the moment, so mine is really boring :)