Friday, February 6, 2009


Joseph talking on the phone to Grandma. He is really good at carring on a conversation. I just sit and laugh about the things he talks about. "Should we go on a picnic Grandma?" "I want to have spaghetti for dinner after my nap" Where does he get this stuff?
Before Christmas my family came over and we all went to the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls. Here Joseph is serving up the beans to Abbie and Audra. All the kids had tons of fun and actually we all enjoyed it.

My brother Kyle taught Joseph to wink. He is getting pretty good at it and his newest trick is moving his eyebrows. Lance taught him that one. It took along time to convince him that he did have eyebrows because he couldn't see them in the mirror.

Finally, I made Joseph new pjs so we could wash the candy pjs. Yes I know they are pretty big, but he grows fast and this way he can love them for a long time. We have been reading, 'Make way for ducklings' 'Ping' and 'Do like a Duck Does' so he thinks hes pretty cool.