Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We are getting ready to head home to Kooskia on Saturday. We keep saying that we'll be ready then but I'm not sure. Maybe the power of positive thinking will help. The basement bathroom remodel is going to be the hold up. We were sad to say good-bye to our good friends tonight. It sure has been fun getting to know everyone. I guess life never stops moving forward. It will be good for Joseph to be able to run around to his heart's content. He loves being outside, so Kooskia will be fun for him.


Workmans said...

We found your blog!! We will miss you and we promise to keep in touch!!

The Workman's

Baker Family said...

Hey how are you?! so are you guys moving for good or are you coming back. I am going to miss you guys! I am glad I found your blog

Sarah said...

It's a good thing you decided to move, it's what all the COOL people are doing. :) How has everything gone for you?