Thursday, November 6, 2008

You Choose

I'm finally writing this story that happened a few weeks ago but still makes me smile. I usually try to give Joseph choices or options (you can wear motorcycle or frog pj's)It seems to make things easier if he can choose but I still get to give the options. I am also trying to help him understand that he can choose to be happy or sad by the actions he chooses. (It makes us sad when we are naughty and have to be in our rooms alone or happy when we are nice and don't hit) So the other morning we were shopping and the store was out of something. I was upset because I had driven to this specific store to buy that thing. So we got back in the car and Joseph says, "Its your choice mom, You can choose to be happy, you choose." At least I know he listens to me. Then a few days later I had given him two options that he didn't like and was getting pretty upset. Eventually he just said to me, "Mom, I need more options." Pretty much he cracks me up. I never know what he is going to pick up.


Sarah said...

LOL! That was a great story. I like that he decided he needed more options. Nope, those aren't good enough mom, try again. Ha ha ha it's amazing how much kids pick up on.

Alaska Law said...

What a smart boy!

Gordon, Chelsi and Tydon said...

That is too cute!